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Hydronic Combinations

Combined hydronic heating systems allows two individual systems (different water temperatures) to operate on a single hydronic boiler. A hydraulic manifold is used to separate the in-slab system operating at 50 degrees from the radiator panel system operating at 75 degrees.

A combined system enables you to customise a hydronic heating solutions for individual area of your home.


High quality radiant heat

Up to 50% more efficient than standard heating

Installation in action

Hydronic Slab heating is an unobtrusive, luxurious and efficient form of Hydronic heating. In-Slab Hydronic heating systems is installed using polythene ‘floor circuits’ embedded in the concrete slab. The system is heated with 50°C water from the Hydronic boiler and can be zoned to suit individual requirements.

Meet Chris

Install Specialist

Chirs has 15 years experience in hydronic installations. His experience cover residential and commercial properties and all with quality and care you expect from Foster.